1) What is in the Author's Database?
Since 1974 I visited every archive, library and museum
imaginable in New York and Ontario and have scoured
"the planet" for anything that might relate to the YOUNG
family. In particular, other members of the YOUNG family
have been of immense assistance in providing me with
information and allowing me to copy it with camera or
photocopier.  All materials were (and are) stored in file
folders in filing cabinets.  Since the advent of on - line
resources, I have  been able to branch out and search for
family members who emigrated to the USA - most typically
to the States of New York and Michigan, but also
unsuspected places such as South Dakota in the early
years.  The census records that (for a price) were just a
mouse click
away helped in this enterprise.  With the advent of the Internet came the
opportunity to locate information quickly and efficiently via websites such as,,, and  While this had its up side, people often felt that they no
longer had to do the tedious and time consuming genealogical work necessary to
assemble a full family tree.  Often the names were there for the picking.  
Tempting yes, but anything found there must be verified by primary sources
since there are errors that have been perpetuated over and over as people
download a gedcom, make a few additions, and resubmit it as their own.  As a
general rule, on cannot trust anything found on these sites.  Also, and rather
insidious, is the tendency for material to appear in these locations that has been
shared with family members with the understanding that it was for family only,
and low and behold it makes its way to one of these Internet sites or in a bundle
of CDs for purchase.  Unfortunately, although my database contains about 4000
names of descendants of Adam Young and Catharine Elizabeth Schremling (to
about 1930), I cannot hand over this resource to everyone for the reasons cited
2)  What Information is Available?
Information on the first four generations descending from Adam Young and
Catharine Elizabeth Schremling was assembled in 1986 and disseminated to
various libraries in the Toronto, Hamilton, and Haldimand county areas - as well
as to family members who had assisted me.  It is entitled, "
The Adam Young
Family of the Mohawk Valley New York and the Grand River Ontario:  The First Four
". This unpublished manuscript is still available in places such as the
North York Public Library, the Special Collections of the Hamilton Public
Library, the Norfolk Historical Society Museum and Archives, and the
Haldimand County Museum.  However, I have updated this work and have made
it available on the Internet to anyone who wishes to view it, and print a copy for
their own personal use.  It must not, however, be made available to any of the
above named commercial companies.  

While I cannot make available a GEDCOM of my entire database, I can offer: 1)
A 5 generation report on the descendants of Johannes Jung of Dunzweiler, Germany
that can be downloaded and printed immediately ("click here" button below).
2) A
detailed report, sent as an e-mail attachment, relating to the grandchild of Adam and
Catharine who is your ancestor.
3)  How Can I Receive the Information Pertaining to my
I am pleased to share my data with interested family members.  First I need to
know that the individual is a member of the extended Young Family.  Clearly the
individuals noted on the page of Young Family Researchers only have to signify
their interest, and I will convey the information immediately.  Others who I have
not communicated with previously, kindly send me details of your connection to
the Youngs of the Grand River, and, if known, the name of the grandchild of
Adam Young from whom you descend.  Once I determine your connection, then I
will then send you a report in rtf, which can be opened by any computer, that
details only the part of the database which pertains to that grandchild (sometimes
grandchildren due to marriage of cousins) of Adam Young.
I have put a pedigree chart of the Mohawk family tree of
Catharine (Hill) Young on my website.  To access this
To download and print information on the descendants of
Johannes and Barbara JUNG of Dunzweiller, Zweibrucken,
Germany and all their known descendants down to the
children of Adam YOUNG: