widow of WILLIAM P. YOUNG - 1913
About 1910 (depending on the jurisdiction) many death certificates included the name of
the parents of the deceased.  This is extremely important in cases such as the above
where this document is the only known record which gives the surname of the wife of
John Young Jr.

It is interesting to note the developments since I ordered this certificate in 1985.  At that
point there was no choice, one had to fill in a form requesting the information send it to
Toronto, where a clerk would look up the record in the index, locate the original
cocument, then extract the information to be used for genealogical purposes, and send a
certificate such as the above.  Each 5 year seach cost what was then a substantial sum of
money.  Presently, the process can be instantaneous - depending on where one lives.  
When I resided in Hagersville, it was only a half hour drive to the Family History Center
in Hamilton at Stonechurch and Upper Sherman.  Here they have the indexes as well as
the original records such that a photocopy of the original document can be made on the
spot (see the marriage record on this site).  These records are also at the Archives of
Ontario in Toronto, as well as a growing number of other locations.  Without a doubt it is
considerably easier to do genealogical research now than it was when I began in 1974.
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