Government after 1869.  The entry third from the bottom  records the marriage of the 75
year old
Henry Young to 45 year old Isabella Woodward. There is considerable information
of use to the genealogist here.  For example, Henry was born in Barton Township (today
part of Hamilton, Ontario), where he was also residing at the time of his marriage.  It
also indicates that he was a widower and a farmer.  What is most important from a
genealogical perspective is that here the parents names are noted - Henry Young and
Rachel.  At the time of his first marriage in 1847, if there was a record of the event, it is
no longer in existance.  Therefore, until uncovering this document, I had to rely on
circumstantial evidence (e.g., that Henry Young was buried beside Rachel Young
(1800-1848), the wife of Henry Young - presumably senior).  This marriage record
indicates that the circumstantial evidence was correct.  According to the page overleaf
(not shown) the marriage took place 14 November 1900 in Hamilton, with the groom
being Presbyterian and the bride, Church of England.  Registration #017677.
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